"Teddy and Me"... What's next?? 

For those of you who aren't familiar with "Teddy and Me", it is a project in which I've written and recorded 52 songs in 52 weeks. I finished the 52nd song on Monday, July 16th, three days early, in order to prepare to get on a plane headed for Medellin, Colombia! I was so happy and excited, but anxious and already in mourning over the fact that phase one of "Teddy and Me" was coming to an end.

But why did I have this empty feeling in my heart... in the pit of my stomach? I was feeling a bit lost.
Hey, there would be no more deadlines, sleepless nights, having to write and record two songs in a week if I had a committment the following week that would take me out of town or completely take all of my time. The pressure would be gone!! I could finally relax! After all, this project had taken on a life of its own and had completely taken over mine. So why??

Well, it would be the end of a chapter of my life! It would be the end of my interaction with some of the warmest, most wonderful people on Earth, who literally came from all over the world, who stayed with me week after week and would comment and share their thoughts with me. The feeling was just amazing!!
It would be the end of a very odd way of learning and wow, did I learn a ton!! The highly emotional roller coaster ride had come to an end!!! What now? It was just...
I don't know... weird!!

The next phase is slowly taking shape. Coming back to this baby, I feel like Dorothy, from "The Wizard of Oz", waking up to all the fuzzy faces. But life after "Teddy and Me" and what I'd like to do next is slowly coming into focus. Everything is the same, but oh, so different because of this new place that I've been able and oh, so lucky to experience. I have thoughts on what to do next, but first things first. I am taking my Christmas song into the studio and can't wait to see its rebirth!
Wow, this is a bit lengthy, so if you've made it this far, I thank you with all of my heart!!! I truly do. I'll cut here and I promise to keep you posted.
Thank you, again!!

My best,

"Don't Ask Why" Week #50 

I have loved writing and working on this tune! A while back, my friend, Christina had suggested that I listen to some Bob Marley... Hmmm. Then my friend, and awesome fellow musician, Jonzie, from Kroffire Records suggested that I write a Caribbean love song when I get a chance. So, this is my ATTEMPT to write a Caribbean love song. 
Well, at least, that was my starting point. "Don't Ask Why" is born out of this idea.

So, here I am with only two songs to go. I have been so excited about finishing phase one of "Teddy and Me". In fact, I couldn't wait to accomplish this awesome project!!
Now, I sit here with tears in my eyes!? "What gives?" I think to myself. I don't get it! I have an idea of what my last two songs are going to be. I'm almost there.
I've been looking forward to the next phase, so... What??? I mean, really, "What??"
I think that I am going into a kind of mourning. Could that be? This is new. "Teddy and Me" is a huge part of me, of my life, of my thoughts and of my heart!!! This year is a chapter of my life that is so precious and yes, it has been a life altering experience!

Oh, and by the way, the little girl in this picture is my inspiration! This is my mom, long before she was my mom. She is loving, smart, kind, open minded and along with everything that is extraordinary about her, I am so grateful for her never-ending support! 

Changin' It Up!!! 

So, it's down to the wire. Only three more songs to go! Yay!
It's just so very easy, especially at this point in the project,  to slip into the same old, same old. I don't want to do that. 
At this point, I have found some really comfortable ways to go about writing a song, absolutely... so...  I should I go there... Right??  With less than two and a half weeks to go, I think, well... why not? Then I think... NOT... NO... NOT!!!
I had a comment from a fellow reverbnation friend and awesome musician, Jonzie. He suggested that I write a Caribbean love song when I have time. Well, frankly, I have absolutely NO RIGHT writing a Caribbean love song, so I figured, well,  why not write ... a Caribbean love song. 
Now, will it end up sounding anything like a Caribbean song?? I don't know, well, I RATHER DOUBT IT, but let's start there and see where it ends up. Well, here goes nothing... um... something. But ... What?


Working on Week #49 

So, it's down to the wire and I'm so excited! "Teddy and Me" is scheduled to end with Week #52, the very last song post, on July 19th. Well, I'm going to have to change that.
I'm leaving for Colombia on the morning of July 18th. Yes, I am so looking forward to this! So, the new end date is going to be July 17th.
There was a part of me, a couple of weeks ago, that kind of had one foot out the door. Not because I don't love the project, I do, but because my mind was already ingrained in phase two of "Teddy and Me". It's been a tough road for sure, but productive, exciting and oh, so much more than I had ever imagined. This project has been such a godsend for me.
But I can't start slacking now. So I'm trying to really change up the last four songs. Each song is going to start from a very different place. If I can get a couple of little gems from this, I will be thrilled.
Week #49 was started with the instrumental, playing drum parts from the keyboard and a piano part. It goes back and forth between 5/4 and 4/4. It's a different feel for me. We shall see what happens.
Hasta luego! 
... oh, and never to forget...
Thank you, guys!!! With all my heart, I thank you for your continued support and feedback. It makes a huge difference to me. Gracias por todo!

"Don't Need To Know" Week #48 

  "Don't Need To Know" Week #48
                                  Words and Music by Susan Busatti Giangano

I don't know how
I don't know why
Eyes open wide with the sunrise.

Don't understand
But it's drawn in the sand
You'll see for yourself with your own eyes

I... I don't need to know
I don't
I won't
I... I don't need to know
I won't. Won't make a difference, so why

Tomorrow unknown
So plan if you will
Don't know what awaits round the corner

Hold close to your heart
Standing quiet and still
Been here with you all along


We take hold, take control
We are told what road to take
Paths that the others make
(I) see a bridge made of rope
Curiosity's calling my name

Without promises made
Though promises made seem meant to be broken
(I) try not to get in my way
Holding each each day close to my heart



copyright 2012

"The Sun Isn't Waiting" Week #47... Week #47... Really??? 

  Wow! I still can't believe that it's week #47!! I'm sorry. I know that I'm sounding a bit like Miss Mary Sunshine. Blah, blah, blah, la de da, la de da... "Someone shut her up, already!" I know, I know!
So, I'm starting to look at my songs and actually, getting reacquainted with the first 47 and thinking about the next phase. It's cool listening to some of the older tunes.
Sometimes I listen and by the 2nd measure I remember the week, how I was feeling, the process, what I ate for breakfast, well, you name it. It all comes back. Then, I listen to other songs and I swear, It's like something I've never heard before. It's all Greek to me, but slowly, it starts to come back. Plus, the songs sound different. When you are working on all of the instrumental and vocal parts for hours and hours, you start to focus on parts that either you like or perhaps are questioning, and those parts take over. Then, once you step away, you are finally able to listen to the song as a whole. It really does change everything!
I have a favor to ask you guys. If you have any songs that stand out for you, please let me know. The songs play on the player at the bottom of the page. Plus, you can listen to a preview for any song by clicking it. Thank you for all of your comments and support. It really makes a difference! :-))

"Stuck In The Middle" Week #46 

  I can't believe it! Week #46 is here. Only a half dozen weeks to go! Week #46 is sort of an apology song for last week, which was a bit of a train wreck. I was very sick with a sinus infection and a "lumpy vocal box", as my ENT put it.. I don't mean to make excuses... "But Susan, you are making excuses!! Stop that!!" ... Sorry!!!
Anyway, this one's a bit different. I actually started this with a drum loop, which I never do. This made for a different process and a very different song than what I usually write.
It was fun to create!!
Week #47 is in process and I am thinking about phase 2. It's so exciting! This project really has taken on a life of its own. It's not been easy, but very rewarding and a lot of fun!
I've met so many wonderful people from all over the world as a result of "Teddy and Me"! I can't explain the feeling when somebody comments on site or sends me an email. It's an awesome feeling!! I have loved every minute of this ride!!!

If You Can't Beat 'Em, join 'em!! 

Well, today I'm starting to work on week #45. I have the melodies for a verse, chorus and bridge. I'm always trying to cut down or even cut out harmonies all together, just for a change, but I hear the harmonies the minute the melody comes, so I just can't seem to do it. Actually, I think that "Without My Valentine" has no harmonies. Although, I might be wrong about that.
This week I will embrace all harmonies, countermelodies, perhaps counterpoint and whatever else desides to pop up. We're all going to have a party, at least I hope so. The words, although I don't have them, I do have a plan. I had better get started, now!! I hope that the song turns out to be what I'm envisioning! 
I hope that you all had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!!

Thinking About Week #45 at All Hours of the Night... 

 Well, it's almost 4:30 in the morning. I would like to fall asleep sometime soon, but you know?... I don't see it happening. I've been thinking about week #45 and I keep going over these ideas in my head. Again and again and again, like yes, a broken record or CD... I guess. Enough, already!!
It's an idea that I had had a while back, but it didn't materialize. I had played and sung a melody last week and put it aside. I totally forgot about it! When I was looking to start a new song, I saw something labeled "Week #45??".  When I listened to it, I realized that the melody lends itself to my idea perfectly... I think! I'm hoping that it pans out like I am imagining.
Oh no, the birds have started to chirp. My endless evening will be morphing into morning. I don't want to still be up for that, because then I will end up... well... up!!! 
Enjoy your long weekend!

"If Only" Week #44 

 So, "If Only" is up and running! I can't believe it! I'm well into my last dozen songs of the week!! (Hence, the eggs...)
When I first started this song, it was much slower. I decided that I needed to quicken the pace a bit. I'm really loving "If Only", really, but the slow version with mostly vowel sounds that made absolutely no sense gave me goosebumps!! It was really beautiful!! It's amazing what a difference the tempo makes in a song!
There are so many subtle choices in song writing that create such extreme differences!! 
Anyhow, I do love this song and I hope that you do too!!