Thinking About Week #45 at All Hours of the Night...

 Well, it's almost 4:30 in the morning. I would like to fall asleep sometime soon, but you know?... I don't see it happening. I've been thinking about week #45 and I keep going over these ideas in my head. Again and again and again, like yes, a broken record or CD... I guess. Enough, already!!
It's an idea that I had had a while back, but it didn't materialize. I had played and sung a melody last week and put it aside. I totally forgot about it! When I was looking to start a new song, I saw something labeled "Week #45??".  When I listened to it, I realized that the melody lends itself to my idea perfectly... I think! I'm hoping that it pans out like I am imagining.
Oh no, the birds have started to chirp. My endless evening will be morphing into morning. I don't want to still be up for that, because then I will end up... well... up!!! 
Enjoy your long weekend!

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