"The Sun Isn't Waiting" Week #47... Week #47... Really???

  Wow! I still can't believe that it's week #47!! I'm sorry. I know that I'm sounding a bit like Miss Mary Sunshine. Blah, blah, blah, la de da, la de da... "Someone shut her up, already!" I know, I know!
So, I'm starting to look at my songs and actually, getting reacquainted with the first 47 and thinking about the next phase. It's cool listening to some of the older tunes.
Sometimes I listen and by the 2nd measure I remember the week, how I was feeling, the process, what I ate for breakfast, well, you name it. It all comes back. Then, I listen to other songs and I swear, It's like something I've never heard before. It's all Greek to me, but slowly, it starts to come back. Plus, the songs sound different. When you are working on all of the instrumental and vocal parts for hours and hours, you start to focus on parts that either you like or perhaps are questioning, and those parts take over. Then, once you step away, you are finally able to listen to the song as a whole. It really does change everything!
I have a favor to ask you guys. If you have any songs that stand out for you, please let me know. The songs play on the player at the bottom of the page. Plus, you can listen to a preview for any song by clicking it. Thank you for all of your comments and support. It really makes a difference! :-))

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