If You Can't Beat 'Em, join 'em!!

Well, today I'm starting to work on week #45. I have the melodies for a verse, chorus and bridge. I'm always trying to cut down or even cut out harmonies all together, just for a change, but I hear the harmonies the minute the melody comes, so I just can't seem to do it. Actually, I think that "Without My Valentine" has no harmonies. Although, I might be wrong about that.
This week I will embrace all harmonies, countermelodies, perhaps counterpoint and whatever else desides to pop up. We're all going to have a party, at least I hope so. The words, although I don't have them, I do have a plan. I had better get started, now!! I hope that the song turns out to be what I'm envisioning! 
I hope that you all had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend!!

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