"Teddy and Me"... What's next??

For those of you who aren't familiar with "Teddy and Me", it is a project in which I've written and recorded 52 songs in 52 weeks. I finished the 52nd song on Monday, July 16th, three days early, in order to prepare to get on a plane headed for Medellin, Colombia! I was so happy and excited, but anxious and already in mourning over the fact that phase one of "Teddy and Me" was coming to an end.

But why did I have this empty feeling in my heart... in the pit of my stomach? I was feeling a bit lost.
Hey, there would be no more deadlines, sleepless nights, having to write and record two songs in a week if I had a committment the following week that would take me out of town or completely take all of my time. The pressure would be gone!! I could finally relax! After all, this project had taken on a life of its own and had completely taken over mine. So why??

Well, it would be the end of a chapter of my life! It would be the end of my interaction with some of the warmest, most wonderful people on Earth, who literally came from all over the world, who stayed with me week after week and would comment and share their thoughts with me. The feeling was just amazing!!
It would be the end of a very odd way of learning and wow, did I learn a ton!! The highly emotional roller coaster ride had come to an end!!! What now? It was just...
I don't know... weird!!

The next phase is slowly taking shape. Coming back to this baby, I feel like Dorothy, from "The Wizard of Oz", waking up to all the fuzzy faces. But life after "Teddy and Me" and what I'd like to do next is slowly coming into focus. Everything is the same, but oh, so different because of this new place that I've been able and oh, so lucky to experience. I have thoughts on what to do next, but first things first. I am taking my Christmas song into the studio and can't wait to see its rebirth!
Wow, this is a bit lengthy, so if you've made it this far, I thank you with all of my heart!!! I truly do. I'll cut here and I promise to keep you posted.
Thank you, again!!

My best,

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