Changin' It Up!!!

So, it's down to the wire. Only three more songs to go! Yay!
It's just so very easy, especially at this point in the project,  to slip into the same old, same old. I don't want to do that. 
At this point, I have found some really comfortable ways to go about writing a song, absolutely... so...  I should I go there... Right??  With less than two and a half weeks to go, I think, well... why not? Then I think... NOT... NO... NOT!!!
I had a comment from a fellow reverbnation friend and awesome musician, Jonzie. He suggested that I write a Caribbean love song when I have time. Well, frankly, I have absolutely NO RIGHT writing a Caribbean love song, so I figured, well,  why not write ... a Caribbean love song. 
Now, will it end up sounding anything like a Caribbean song?? I don't know, well, I RATHER DOUBT IT, but let's start there and see where it ends up. Well, here goes nothing... um... something. But ... What?


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