"Stuck In The Middle" Week #46

  I can't believe it! Week #46 is here. Only a half dozen weeks to go! Week #46 is sort of an apology song for last week, which was a bit of a train wreck. I was very sick with a sinus infection and a "lumpy vocal box", as my ENT put it.. I don't mean to make excuses... "But Susan, you are making excuses!! Stop that!!" ... Sorry!!!
Anyway, this one's a bit different. I actually started this with a drum loop, which I never do. This made for a different process and a very different song than what I usually write.
It was fun to create!!
Week #47 is in process and I am thinking about phase 2. It's so exciting! This project really has taken on a life of its own. It's not been easy, but very rewarding and a lot of fun!
I've met so many wonderful people from all over the world as a result of "Teddy and Me"! I can't explain the feeling when somebody comments on site or sends me an email. It's an awesome feeling!! I have loved every minute of this ride!!!

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