Weeks #33 and 34 - Song a day???

I'm feeling a bit off today. I'm going to visit my family in Florida, so I'll be gone for a week. I need two songs of the week done by tomorrow night in addition to the expected last minute kooky stuff.
I have two naked songs, well, almost ready to put on site. I like them both, especially, week #33, but I want to play with them. Well, no time to brew and steep. No time to play. Want to redo the piano. Another time.
No time to become familiar with the vocal line. No time to play with phrasing, fine tune lyrics, listen and improve... It's a bit awkward. Kind of like the song of the week, but more so. 
There's just something so odd about rushing this creative process. But I like the songs. Hope you will too. 

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