The man behind "Sing It Now" Week #42

Last week was crazy. It was busy, stressful and on top of all that, I was so sick, weak and plain old drained. On Tuesday, I ended up at an E.N.T. and then to a pulmonologist's office. (Not to worry, my lungs are fine.)
It was there that I met a man who changed my day. He was a much older man who was sitting in a wheel chair and really suffering. It broke my heart to watch and hear him coughing, wheezing and struggling so hard just to breathe. He was making some really strange sounds. He was with his son and his full time nurse. The nurse touched his shoulder and said, "Are you o.k.? Do you need anything?" He smiled and whispered something and she said, "You're what? Oh, you're humming?? Oh, o.k."
I had been talking to her. She turned to me and said, "Yes, he's humming. He was a musician, you know." 
We talked for a while and shared some of our own lives. Then she tapped him on the shoulder. She told him that I also play music.
He lit up and I swear that I was now talking to a young man with a young smile and an oh, so young heart. I asked him what kind of music he played. He said that he was a jazz musician and that he played piano, guitar and bass. I told him that I have so much respect for jazz musicians. He smiled. "So do I!" Then he looked right into my eyes and asked, "So, do you love what you do??" "Of course," I said, "It's amazing! There's nothing like it!" 
"That's all that matters!" He smiled! Then I got the feeling that the conversation had taken all of his energy. He put his head down and was quiet.
I told his nurse that I felt so bad that he couldn't play anymore. She laughed. You know he plays every day and tries to schedule time for each instrument. He's trying to teach
me how to play the piano and guitar. 

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