"Don't Need To Know" Week #48

  "Don't Need To Know" Week #48
                                  Words and Music by Susan Busatti Giangano

I don't know how
I don't know why
Eyes open wide with the sunrise.

Don't understand
But it's drawn in the sand
You'll see for yourself with your own eyes

I... I don't need to know
I don't
I won't
I... I don't need to know
I won't. Won't make a difference, so why

Tomorrow unknown
So plan if you will
Don't know what awaits round the corner

Hold close to your heart
Standing quiet and still
Been here with you all along


We take hold, take control
We are told what road to take
Paths that the others make
(I) see a bridge made of rope
Curiosity's calling my name

Without promises made
Though promises made seem meant to be broken
(I) try not to get in my way
Holding each each day close to my heart



copyright 2012

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