"We All Need Time" Week #21

If there were two songs out of twenty one that I could put on a "whew... it's over" list, this would be one! Whew...!!! It was a rough week.. I don't know if I started out on the wrong foot…Read more

Down to the Wire...

Well, I'm at a loss for words... and music, for that matter. Hahaha... very funny... not! Twenty three hours to go. Yes, at a loss. I have a bit of a melody that will be tweaked, twisted and turned around…Read more

Uh oh... Now, I'm worried!

Worked for five hours today and I have... absolutely nothing!! Zilch... nada!! I have four "sketches" of week #21, well... sort of but not quite. Two using the keyboard and two using the ukelele. They are all ... well... really,Read more

Another blank canvas

It's Monday night and I haven't started week #21. I am going to go to bed and I am not going to worry. Tomorrow, after 2:00, I will have time to put my fingers down on the piano, at least…Read more

Lyrics to "Only Human" and thank you.


 “Only Human” Song of the week #19
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

Can’t tell you, but she wants to
She’s broken, a little inside
Woo, we try
Woo, we’re only human…Read more

Song of the week #19 - "Only Human"

"Only Human"... I'm loving this one. I wanted it to travel directly from the heart to mp3. I wanted it to be an "effortless" process. Well, sort of effortless... smooth... thoughts that disappear and magically reappear in the form ofRead more

Song of the week #19

So... I want to keep this real simple. Straight from heart to mp3! No harmonies. Not too much of anything. I don't know what to call it yet. "Fragile", "Human"... I don't know.
Feeling more "Fragile" than "Human" right
Read more

11/26 working on week #19

 O.k...  no thinking, no planning ... I promised myself this. So, I put my fingers on the keys and I just do it. I want this week to be effortlessly from the heart. I really do. Raw feeling... If I…Read more

Week #18 "A Perfect Lullaby"

When I decided to take on this project, I knew that it was going to be difficult, but I was thinking only in terms of how hard it would be to create a new song every week.
It would…Read more

9 Months to go... !!!

 ‎9 MONTHS TO GO for "Teddy and Me". After I have this baby, I'm going on maternity leave FOR SURE!!!!!!        But loving it all!!! Week #13... like this!