Week #25 - Abandoning ship?

This is a week like no other. I think that I am going to have to abandon ship. I've never done this the night before a song is supposed to go up on site. I started a bit late.Read more

What to do...

I have nothing today! ... Nada!!  Nothing in progress... I have not even started. What to do?? I sit. I play lots of eighth notes on the piano. I sing. I forget what I sang. The wrong side of my…Read more

"Waiting For My Ship..." Week #24 (lyrics)

Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

Waitin’ for a bottle of wine, dreamin'
Talkin’ 'bout the birth of our time
We've worked the farm, now we'll reap what we…Read more

1/5/12 - 1:00 A.M.

It's almost 1:00am and time to call it. I think that I like this song. In the morning I will have rested ears and will know for sure.  

Getting back...

So, I'm out of shape. Took two steps back, physically, mentally and musically. (But hey, it was a beautiful holiday and so worth it!) So, it's back to the gym for the body and back to work for the mind…Read more


 “No Uh Oh” week #23
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

Please don't say that
Please don't say that
It’s the tail chasing cat
We know it’s where we’re going

Let's just agree…Read more

January 2nd, 2012

Can't sleep again... It's almost 2:00 am and I wish that my mind and body would just  stop already. Well, not stop exactly, just go to sleep. It seems that on this scenic route that I've been taking, I've hitRead more

The beginning!

I'm pretty sure that these were the 1st words written on my site. This was just the beginning:
 ... I'm talking some years ago, a really cool idea was presented by our acting teacher. We were all going to…Read more

Stepping away...

Knowing that Christmas was just around the corner, I needed to finish week #22, "Coming Home", early. Deciding on the subject matter was easy. There has been one thought on my mind all week. The song would be simple and…Read more

"Coming Home" Week #22

"Coming Home" Song of the week #22
by Susan Busatti Giangano

Now I lay me down
The sun has kissed the moon goodnight
A joyful rain of tears
I can almost hear them…Read more

Song 22 and lots to do...

So... I have most of my words for this little song... I think that it's going to be a very simple melody in two part harmony from beginning to end. Very sparse use of instruments. Intimate... Now, is this what…Read more

"We All Need Time" Week #21 - Lyrics

"We All Need Time" Week #21
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

It could be you. You're up with the sun
Do you know from deep inside
It's time. You're so far from done

Read more