Today I am learning about trust. Because I'll be away for a week, I need three songs by next Thursday! I'm the middle of #32 and I have some recorded bits and pieces for #33.
But taking a bath…

"A Little Heart" Week #31

After a frenetic week, I found this song getting lost in the shuffle. We talk about song form, AABA, etc... Well, this had become ABCDEF... well, you get it!
"What happened?" The week had magically morphed into a song

"Without My Valentine" Week #30

Wow! It's week number 30, already! Week #1 seems like yesterday and like ages ago.
I sent this one out early, for Valentine's day. A very sparse version, for now! I really enjoyed putting this one together and I'm

"You're Beautiful And You're Fine" Week #29

There are so many extraordinary people out there who simply have no idea how awesome they really are. Why? Because unfortunately, they have someone in their life who works tirelessly to convince them otherwise. Maybe it's only one person. Sometimes,

"You'll Like It" Week #27

So, last night I posted "You'll Like It" with lots of hesitation. I put a tiny "Hope you'll like "You'll Like It"!" post on facebook and sent out my usual emails,
thinking, "I don't think they're going to ..."Like…

Make a decision, already!

What a strange week. I have three songs. I have abandoned two of them. So, tomorrow is Thursday. One song of the week had better be up on site. So, self, you need to chill and move forward with one

We're officially "Half Way There"

Well, it's official! We're "Half Way There", well, I'm half way there. Teddy's not much help these days, but I love him. 
I knew that this project would not be easy, but I really hadn't realized the extent to…

"Half Way There" Week #26

Since it's almost 3:00 A.M., I'm going to make this quick and get some shut eye. It seems that every Thursday night is no sleep night. When I finally get the song of the week up and out, I don't…

Yep... it's time...

I need to start tomorrow... too much of the same... But, I really have to start tomorrow!!! If I'm going to take a different route, I can't wait! I have to do it... I'm going to need time!

Time for a change...

I'm feeling a bit like the kids on American Idol these days. The prepare a new song every week. Three weeks ago their performance was exciting, new... But Simon has been warning... It's the same old thing, it's safe…

"Stories Told" Week #25

Done!! It all started yesterday at 3:30 ish a.m., after trashing my original week #25 on Wednesday night. 20 ish hours later , a song is born... Well, I will be starting #26 early. There will be no cramming next…

5:22 a.m.

Hi! Just a very quick ... well... just a hint of a post. I've been up since 2 ish. Couldn't sleep. I don't think I've ever trashed the song of the week on a Wednesday night and it's gotten to…