"Sing It Now" Week #42 (Lyrics)

 “Sing It Now”
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

I was waiting in a cold chair in a cold room. Didn’t want to be there
There was an older man (struggling) in a wheelchair

"Intuition" Week #40 - lyrics

 "Intuition" Week #40
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

The day is hard. The clock is half asleep
But all is well and that I know
A little voice keeps telling me so

"Intuition" Week #40

 So, my poor, sweet song, "Intuition",  only had about two days to be created and marinated. That  just doesn't seem fair, but "them's the rules", ya' know.
As of Tuesday night, I had a uke part recorded, but  needed…

"Be" Week #39 (lyrics)

 “BE” Song of the week #39
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

Be, be who you are
Speak. Speak from the heart
Don't try. Don’t try so hard. It's there
No need, it's in…

"No Words" Week #38 - Lyrics

 No Words
Words and music by Susan Busatti Giangano

I search all night
But in my world, there are no words
With the sun beginning to rise
The world always looks better, but

(Written when we were "Half Way There".)

 Well, it's official! We're "Half Way There", well, I'm half way there. Teddy's not much help these days, but I love him.
I knew that this project would not be easy, but I really hadn't realized the extent to…

"La La La... I Can't Help It" Week #37

Well, it's 5:30 A.M. and I've been up for a while, so I guess it's time to start the day...
I couldn't decide on my title for "La La La... I Can't Help It", week #37... " Again",…

"Dark" Week #36

I've talked to people about this and there are so many different reactions to the theme of this song. For me, darkness, night or perhaps three or four o'clock a.m., to be more specific, brings with it a totally different

The Last Trimester of "Teddy and Me"

Wow! This is officially the last trimester of this project, "Teddy and Me"!! It seems like yesterday that I had started to ponder the idea. I had no clue as to what to expect. Would I be overwhelmed and sorry

Another Blank Canvas

It's been a week and a half since writing #33 and #34. So... here it is again. It's the blank canvas stage. Time to embrace... the blank canvas stage...  the blank canvas stage...the blank canvas stage!! To be perfectly honest,

Home Again

It was wonderful being able to see my family in Florida. I've really missed them, but it's good to be home again.
I'm looking to start week #35 with a clear head. I had four days to write and

Weeks #33 and 34 - Song a day???

I'm feeling a bit off today. I'm going to visit my family in Florida, so I'll be gone for a week. I need two songs of the week done by tomorrow night in addition to the expected last minute kooky